The TORAD Difference

The Spool Compressor is very unique in both design and mission. It deploys a very simple spool technology which has been designed with one simple goal in mind — to simplify compressor manufacturing complexities and deliver the cost savings and profit margin improvements refrigerant compressor OEMs have been seeking for decades.

TORAD has successfully accomplished this goal by developing a very simple, configurable and highly scalable refrigerant compressor which is delivered in a small, low cost form factor, which unlike legacy compressor technologies, is very easy to manufacture.

The Spool Compressor’s key differences include the following:

  • Simple Design: unlike most legacy compression technologies, TORAD’s design is very simple and can be produced using simple and inexpensive machine tools and techniques which translate into significant cost savings for OEM.

  • Compact Size: the Spool Compressor’s very high displacement density allows it to be delivered in a form factor which is as much as 40 percent smaller than compressors of similar capacity. This simplifies the production process and delivers significant cost saving.

  • Low Part Count: the Spool Compressor’s simple design includes only four major components that are easily manufactured on capital friendly machines. The minimal part count simplifies the compressor’s manufacturing process and minimizes supply chain complexities to reduce overall processing costs.

  • Lower Cost: the Spool Compressor’s simple design, low part count, and high displacement density enable significant reductions in capital expenditures and production cost.

  • Highly Scalable Design: the Spool Compressor does not have any inherent size limitations and is being designed for use across a broad capacity range. The Spool Compressor is expected to be economically viable in applications up to 300 hp.

  • Easily Configurable: the spool machine’s unique design enables it to be easily configured for applications in adjacent markets; all of which can be supported with a common production platform.

  • Simple Geometry: the compressor’s simple geometry provides easy access to the intermediate pressure chambers which enables the implementation of advanced compression techniques such as vapor injection, oil injection, and liquid injection.

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