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In every generation, innovations transform the status quo in businesses, industries, economies and livelihoods. In response, some have chosen to cling to a familiar pattern that exists in this dynamic of technological innovation — a pattern that should cause discomfort in every industrial leader. It is the disturbing regularity with which industry laggards adhere to convention, resist the call for change, and fail to remain relevant. Others—of greater vision, wisdom and courage — embrace innovation to make the leap from laggard to leader – and have prospered.

TORAD is recognized as a rising challenger that has created an opportunity for leaders and visionaries to make the leap to the next generation of refrigerant compressor technology.

TORAD’s innovative Spool Compressor is transforming the refrigerant compressor market by delivering the significant cost savings and profit margin improvements OEMs have been seeking for decades.

The Spool Compressor’s unique design includes only four major components that are easily manufactured on capital-friendly machines, enabling TORAD to deliver breakthroughs in compressor simplicity, capacity density and manufacturing cost which can be applied across a broad range of compression applications.

Compared to most legacy compressor technologies, the spool compressor is smaller in size, lower in weight, and easier to manufacture, yielding a significantly lower overall cost.

The TORAD spool compressor is the next generation of refrigerant compressor.

Our Mission

To deliver the next generation of compressor technology that will transform the refrigerant compressor market by driving significant cost savings and profit margin improvements to air conditioning and refrigeration OEMs.

Our Vision

The highly configurable and scalable TORAD Spool Technology will become the de facto standard for the delivery of cost savings and energy efficiency improvement across a broad range of industries and applications, such as alternate gas compression, waste heat recovery, hydraulics and internal combustion engines.

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