AHR Expo 2013

ALPHARETTA, GA — (January 23, 2013) – Torad, LLC showcased the next generation in refrigerant compressor technology. Torad’s innovative Spool Compressor offers a simple design, high displacement density, along with a scalable design. The compressor is capable of variable speed operation and will be available in open, semi-hermetic, hermetic configurations for its 5 – 300 HP designs. Torad’s simple and cost savings design includes four main components: rotor; main housing, gate, and bearing housings. The components make up a single rotating spool assembly for the compressor. The Spool Compressor boasts high efficiency levels over a wide range of sizes. The reliability features include tolerant of liquid floodback and no axial load assists in bearing longevity.

To learn more about Spool Compressor Technology, visit www.toradengineering.com.
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