Torad Engineering Announces Spool Machine Patents

ALPHARETTA, GA — (May 30, 2012) — Torad Engineering, LLC announced today the United States Patent & Trademark Office has issued Greg Kemp two patents covering Torad’s spool machine technology.

The first patent, US Patent number, 8,113,805, Rotary Fluid-Displacement Assembly, covers the broad use of the spool machine technology for applications ranging from pumps, compressors and expanders to internal combustion engines. The second patent, US patent number, 8,177,536, Rotary Compressor Having Gate Axially Movable with Respect to Rotor, is more specific to the use of spool machine technology in compressor applications.

Greg Kemp, Torad Engineering founder and inventor of the spool machine commented, “These patents provide strong intellectual property protection for Torad’s core technology. We are extending Torad’s IP protection with active patent applications in nine major markets around the world.” Kemp added, “We have another dozen patents in process that broaden the reach of Torad’s IP covering detailed aspects of our technology.”

Gary Parsons, Torad investor and previous founder and chairman of XM Radio explained the new patents provide Torad with a solid licensing platform. “Torad has made outstanding progress in the development of the spool machine technology. The strong performance of Torad’s prototype spool compressors and these new patents provide the company with great licensing opportunities,” said Parsons.

Torad’s spool compressor technology features a simple rotary design with four main components: rotor, main housing, vane, and bearing housing. Unlike the complex scroll and screw compressors, the components can be manufactured utilizing lower cost capital equipment. Reliability features include tolerance of liquid flood back, one moving assembly and no axial loads assisting in bearing longevity.

About Torad Engineering, LLC
Based in Alpharetta, Georgia, Torad Engineering conducts research, development and licensing of its patented spool machine technology.  Torad is currently developing its spool machine technology which holds the promise of breakthrough cost and efficiency advantages for all types of air-conditioning and refrigeration applications, including mobile, stationary, commercial and industrial applications. Torad Engineering, LLC is a privately held company. For more information, visit

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